PR - Roller positioners

The range of roller positioners PR (Standard) and PRB (Tilt Self-alignments) covers a wide range of applications, with capacities from 1.5 to 100 tons. For the movement of tanks, pipes and metal bodies generally conceived for cylindrical section of small, medium and large sizes.

They are used in painting operations, cutting assembly, welding, and also in conjunction with manipulators, beams and portals.
The engine is moved by forced ventilation and acts on the crossbar of the motor on both wheels, with tachometer to ensure consistency in the speed of rotation to modify the torque at low speeds.

Rubber wheels of roller positioner, steel or polyurethane (if they are to move objects in stainless steel), are placed quickly and accurately (PR model only) along the beam by means of a right-left step screw with protective casing and operated by the steering wheel.

All electrical components are gathered in the closet at the base transversely mounted engine with a connector for synchronization with other equipment such as manipulators, beams, etc and there is also the keypad for low-voltage control.

Both models of roller positioners are available in two options: one is placed on the fl oor and the other is moving backward and forward on rails through idle wheels with manual locking device.


PR1The PRX model is suitable for any application where the rotating axis keeps constant the height if the diameter varies, for instance, when long pieces are rotated with a vertical turntable positioner.
In this case, one or more idle units working as supports are used. The rolls of the PRX model are avaible both in the idle and in motorized version.

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PR2A careful study on users’ needs, a quality oriented planning and execution have determined a product whose features and uses are:

  • more compact main structure, thanks to the new design
  • wide rotating speed regulation with Vmax/Vmin=30

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