MAB - Welding booms


Welding booms or welding manipulators with sliding arm are produced according to customer requirements for the horizontal and vertical working stroke, the type of welding required (MIG - TIG - PLASMA - SUBMERGED ARC) and the load of the horizontal arm has to withstand.

Technical features:

The column is a welded steel box section with machined square guides for boom lift. The column is mounted on the base through a heavy duty preloaded bearing that ensures the manual rotation for the full 360°. A manual friction device is provided to lock the column at any point within the full range. The supports for the power sources and the relay box of fixture are mounted on the column.

Vertical lift
The vertical lift is accomplished by a selfbraking a.c. motor gear reducer at fixed speed. The lifting mechanism comprises two sprockets, a chain and a counterweight inside the column. Vertical travel speed: from 0.8 to 1.5 mt/min. depends the model.

The saddle is a fabricated steel plate with precision roller and ball bearing assemblies that clamp the “V” guides of both the column and the boom. Each bearing assembly includes supporting and wheels, all of which are adjustable to set the proper pressure against the guides. On the saddle are also mounted the boom travel motor and the antifall device.

Safety device
The lifting motor gear reducer is a selfbreaking type. In addition to this, the manipulator is also equipped with an antifall device that is the connecting element between the chains and the saddle. If for any reason the tension of the chains is released, a preloaded spring pushes a steel cog into a rack welded to the column preventing the boom from falling.

The boom is a welded steel box section with machined “V” guides for horizontal travel. The boom drive consists of a c.a. motor gear reducer, mounted on the saddle, with a pinion that engages a rack welded to the boom. The speed ranges from 0.2 to 2 mt/min. in both directions. When not in welding, the boom always moves at the max. speed, without disturbing the preset welding speed.

Three types of base are available:
• fixed base with floor anchoring systems and levelling screws
• idle car, with friction lock to secure it in position
• powered car for rail travel, by a.c. motor gear reducer.
The speed ranges from 0.2 to 2 mt/min. When not in welding, the base always moves at the max. speed without disturbing the preset welding speed.

All the electricals are housed in a relay box mounted on the column. On the door are installed the general switch, as well as warning lamps and emergency stop. A remote control is also provided, with the same controls. The remote control can be plugged either to the front end of the boom close to the welding head, or to the relay box. Limit switches are provided to prevent overtravel both for boom and base. Standard wiring is 400 V, 3-phase, 50 cycles. Operator’s controls are stepped down to 24 V for safety.


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