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A fundamental component of the MECOME service is the support provided to all machines and plants worldwide.

MECOME's after-sale service includes training, maintenance schedule, support on abnormalities, diagnostics and remote check service, on-line maintenance support, on-site maintenance and spare parts.

Firstly, dealers and end users are educated through special training in order to run the machine in normal operation, to effect routine maintenance and to perform first diagnostic operations.

assistenzaservizioclientiIn general, machines and plants are fitted with hardware and software that allow the MECOME technician to control them remotely and check them up at any time. The most frequent maintenance operations may be performed on site by technical personnel supervised by Mecome, it is only in case of major operations requiring specific Know-how, that activities are performed by personnel sent to the premises by MECOME.

Technical support is effective and timely, and spare parts are always available at MECOME.


Via Fornace II strada, 22, 35010 Arsego di San Giorgio delle Pertiche,(PD) Italy

Tel. +39 049 9330425, Fax +39 049 9330434, e-mail:,  PD n. 01145830285, R.E.A. PD n. 188156, CAP. Soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.

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