All automatic plants come from bespoke projecs.

Herewith they are represented some examples of AUTOMATIC WELDING PLANTS developped, designed and made by request.

The experience and creativity MECOME in the area of automation welding plants are available to you and ready to develop with our technical department each of your ideas.

MECOME is at your service to meet your needs and to offer personalized budgets.

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Nipple orbital welding

Tube fittings welding plant for hydraulic cylinder with diameter from 32 to 250 mm and length until 3000 mm. 
Manual vertical adjustment for torch carriage to compensate the different diameters. On the pipe stand there are the adjustable stops to permit the welding of two fittings without rotating the cylinder. 
The torch is completed of pneumatic release and a couple of manual slides to a fine regulation of welding point. Adjustable cam to regulate the welding ellipse. Torch moves clockwise and anticlockwise. 
The rotation axis is controlled by an encoder with electronic board. The plant is available with two axis controlled by C.N.



Automatic MIG welding plant with 5 stations for automotive aluminium tanks of air compressed. The functions of the stations are:manual loading with pneumatic lifting device.

  • brushing station before welding for cleaning the joint by aluminium oxide
  • welding station with oscillating units
  • brushing station after welding
  • automatic unloading

In the welding station there are two lasertrack and find joint system that allows acomplete automatic cycle.

Mec 5ST1CN 1


Brushing and welding unit. Before and after the 5-station automatic cycle. The machine is equipped with loading bag and automatic tank loader. The cycle is run entirely in automatic through the PLC. 


PRODUCTION: Varies as a function of diameter and thickness of the plate.

Mec P5SRVCA.gif


Semi-automatic system for mounting the bottoms on ferrules with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm and a maximum length of 4000 mm and thicknesses up to 10 mm.

The locking systems are controlled by an oleodynamic circuit and the system is equipped with a motorized rotation to allow the rotation of the piece and facilitate the spot welding by the operator.

Different versions can be made for lengths and diameters and the system can be equipped with heads for automatic circumferential welding.




Longitudinal welding plant in two passes MIG and Submerged Arc, complete with automatic system for loading the ferrule, closing and aligning the edges.

The operating cycle is controlled by a single operator who uses the system.




An automatic plant capable of effecting, contemporaneously, 3 circular welds on boilers of varying diameters. 
The movement of the axes is controlled entirely by PLC. 
One operator is required to feed the machine.



Automatic line for the production of ferrules for tanks of medium dimensions: diam. 300/650 - L. 800/1.250 - Thickness 20 -30/10.

It includes double magazine plate, bending rolls, 2 roll bender, ferrule loader carrier, double copper bar locking bench with loading station and longitudinal MIG or TIG welding station and automatic discharge.

It is possible to perform two different measurements simultaneously (one for each welding station); for example, to produce exchangers with cavity wall.




Three-station automatic cycle welding and brushing system, one of which is a loading and unloading system equipped with two pneumatic lifters, one for welding with an electronic coupling on two axes that allow to follow even non-circular profiles and one for welding of the weld bead .

WORKING CYCLE: unloading and manual loading, welding, brushing are carried out and start simultaneously after signaling and storing of correct tank positioning.

WORK FORCE: 1 worker. PRODUCTION: variable according to the diameter and thickness of the sheet.




Circular positioner for MIG multipass welding of hydraulic cylinder. The positioner is controlled by a two axis C.N. (rotation and tilt movement) to control welding speed and torch position.

The useful length between the motorised plate and the tailstock is 1500 mm.
The tailstock has a 150 mm pneumatic stroke and is manually adjustable by wheel.

Mec PC2TS.gif


Circumferential welding unit for small diameters (600 mm maximum) and lengths on request, complete with pneumatically operated torch supports, pneumatic tailstock for the locking of pieces.

Relay box completed with electronic board to control the welding parameters (rotation speed, start delay, overlap, fading).



Circumferential welding lathe unit suitable for small diameters.

With 1 or 2 welding heads in a submerged arc, automatic cycle of 1 or 2 complete revs complete with piece ejection at cycle end and flow suction unit.

Mec PCUP2T.gif


Automatic MIG welding plant with 2 stations for tanks of air compressed. The functions of the stations are:

  1. manual loading with pneumatic lifting device.
  2. welding station with automatic unloadingIn the welding station there one track and find joint system that allows a complete automatic cycle.
Mec 2ST 1T.gif


Line for the production of ferrules with the following dimensions: Diameter: 80-150 Length: 40-300 Thickness: 10 / 10-20 / 10.

The plant consists of a sheet metal warehouse, a two roller calender, a pneumatic conveyor, a copper bar clamping bench and two stations, one of which is for loading and one for longitudinal welding in MIG or TIG and an automatic unloader. .

Production according to lengths: around 130 pieces / hour



System for automatic longitudinal welding of frames for industrial vehicles, arms for excavators, extensions for cranes etc. The plant is built in two work stations to allow work to be carried out in obscured time. Each work station is equipped with an indexed lathe (it is also available with numerical control).

The flashing unit is complete with the “PROBE” Mecome two-axis tracking system that allows continuous and correct positioning of the same using two motorized slides.

The system is managed by the PLC of the three-axis numerical control (carriage translation + cross slides) complete with a hand-held programming keyboard.



Special hydraulic press for edging the interspace on boilers for the production of hot water with a diameter from 350 to 550 mm.

Performs centering and simultaneous edgebanding of the 2 sides, cycle time approximately 1 minute, manual loading, automatic unloading.





Semi-automatic plant for longitudinal welding of ferrules up to 4 m in length.

This system can be equipped with a ladder and a footbridge to permit the operator to carry out checks during the welding phase.


 Mec BRLU4000 verde.gif


This is an automatic plant for the alignment of shells, and for pre-tacking and butt welding in average-sized tanks.

It is controlled by PLC which organises all functions and relative welding parameters. The plant requires one operator only.





Circular positioner, equipped with numerical control with several axes, for the automatic assembling and TIG welding of tanks with butt joint endcaps/ferrule without necessity of pre-tacking the pieces.


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